Logistics Administrative Solutions (LAS) is a shared services provider supporting the transportation and logistics industries.  LAS provides fully integrated back-office solutions for your needs in the areas of accounting, financial planning & analysis, human resources including driver qualification, payroll and contractor settlement, US DOT safety programs, fleet management, risk management, and operational analysis. 

We provide clients business and operational solutions through exceptional customer services, subject matter expertise, sharing best practices, leveraging scale, providing data insights, creating process standards, and measuring performance.  LAS allows our clients to achieve their business objectives and manage their day-to-day operations while supporting them with compliance/controls, cost optimization, quality, and safety. 

The founder of Logistics Administrative Solutions has over 40 years in the transportation and logistics industry, primarily arranging for the overnight, unattended delivery of time-sensitive freight.  Over this time, our founder identified the discreet need for small business motor carriers to develop a higher level of general business acumen and gain access to transportation-specific back-office knowledge to allow owners to focus on keeping operations safe, drivers in seats, and timely delivery of freight in a damage-free manner.

LAS in undergoing rapid growth and looking to expand into new segments of the transportation and logistics industries. 

At LAS, we have a passion to serve … we are dedicated, hardworking individuals who provide exceptional service to our customers and to each other!

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